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Sarawak Principal Imports i.e: Meat & Meat Preparations, Dairy Products & Birds' Eggs, Cereals & Cereal Preparations Vegetables and Fruits, Sugars, Sugar Preparations and Honey, Feeding Stuff for Animals, Beverages, Tobacco & Tobacco Manufactures, Animal and Vegetables Oils and Fats, Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Products, Essential Oils and Resinoids and Perfume Materials; Toilet, Polishing and Cleansing Preparations, Rubber Manufactures, Non-Metallic Mineral Manufactures, Articles of Apparel and Clothing Accessories, Petroleum, Petroleum Products and Related Materials, Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals & Manufactures of Metals, Road Vehicles & Other Transport Equipment, Power Generating Machinery and Equipment, Machinery Specialized for Particular Industries, Metalworking Machinery & General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Machines Parts, Electrical Machinery, Apparatus and Appliances, Electrical part and Others

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