What is open data?

Data that can be used freely, can be shared and reused by citizens, public sector or private sector.

What is a dataset?

It refers to a group of related data.

Who are the users of open data?

Users of open data is consists of individual or group of individuals such as students, business community, civil servants and researchers.

Who provides the datasets available in the portal?

Datasets uploaded into the portal are supplied by the Government agencies.

When do the datasets get updated?

The datasets will be updated from time to time subject to availability of updated data. This will be done by the respective data owner.

Why does the Government share the dataset?

The Government made the datasets open to the public to enable the sharing of such data widely, also as a proof of Government's transparency. In addition, by utilizing the open datasets it provides an opportunity for citizens and the business community to increase their creativity and innovation in the creation of new products.

How do people benefit from the sharing of open data?

The people will benefit from the sharing of such data with the creation of new products or new services that provide convenience in their daily lives.

How do I request for new datasets which are not available in the portal?

Users can request for new datasets by filling out the Dataset Request form provided in the portal. The Government will process and consider the applications accordingly. The requested datasets will be uploaded after the approval of the data owner.