Data Policy

The data contained in Sarawak Data Portal can be used freely by any user of the portal as long as the usage does not violate the terms and conditions specified in the data policy.

Link to Sarawak Data Portal

Sarawak Data Portal is the official portal for open data from the Sarawak government. This portal is a public portal and you are permitted to make a link to this portal without any fees. Given that the portal is public portal for users to get the government open data, make sure that the link is made in the context of a service to the public. We encourage the Sarawak Data Portal logo to be used as a link to this portal. Sarawak Data Portal logo shall be used only as a symbol of a link to the portal and not used an endorsement or approval of Sarawak Data Portal or Sarawak government on any particular matter or for any other purpose.


Data provided in Sarawak Data Portal is available for free without any restrictions.